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We are a community club and can only operate with the support of volunteers which are in many cases the parents.

We expect all parents to contribute toward creating a happy, safe and inclusive netball club that enables our members to thrive.

When registering your child with Wahroonga Netball club their is an expectation that you will support the club in any way you can from volunteering as a coach, manager or as part of the committee and support team, or simply to assist in grounds duty or scoring at games for the club.  No matter how big or small, what your skills or experience are. This is our club and we will not exist if we do not take the approach of "many hands make light work!"


Wahroonga Netball Club has joined KNA and Netball NSW as a member of the Shoosh for Kids | NSW Government program.


We are promoting positive behaviour to all our members. The general rule is if you haven’t got anything nice to say, not to say anything at all. Shoosh for Kids isn’t about staying completely silent - it’s about making sure we’re all positive at junior sport. Making sure that sport is fun for kids, keeps them coming back and keeps them healthy, confident and happy. Take a stand on poor spectator behaviour and ensure comments are positive all season long. 

Parent Responsabilities

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