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NetSetGo also offers a modified competition for all children from 6 to 10 years of age. 

The rules of the game are more flexible than the regular netball competition.  Wins and losses are not recorded on a ladder and there are no finals matches. 

Each child is given a fair turn at each position on the court.

More information on NetSetGo is available on the Netball NSW Website

Children aged 6-8 play at Lofberg Road West Pymble on a Saturday with times for each grade allocated at the beginning of each season.

Players in this age group may have game times anywhere between 8 am and 2pm.

These games have a strong emphasis on having fun while learning the rules of the game. They are umpired by the coach or another parent on the team.

Individual grading for NetSetGo players does not occur however teams are generally given a timeslot so they play against teams with a similar experience level.

Wahroonga will endeavour to ensure players in the 6-8 NetSetGo teams are playing with 1-2 friends or with children from the same school.

Children aged 9-10 play at Canoon Road, South Turramurra.

The 9-year competition is held on Thursday afternoons in either a 5pm or 6pm timeslot depending on grade.

Children in this age group are graded at the clubs grading day at the beginning of the year and then placed into a team.

Friendship requests for the age group can be submitted and will be considered based on the skill level of the children.

Wahroonga will form teams of girls based on abilities and submit to KNA.  

KNA then hold a Round Robin Grading Day, between 9am-1pm in early/Mid March. All NSG teams from each of the clubs will participate in this, to allow KNA (Kuring-gai Netball Association) to allocate teams to an appropriate grade.

The grade your child is placed into, will determine their game time slot.

The ideal NetSetGo team size is 8-10 players.


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