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All clubs must provide one umpire of the appropriate standard for every team that plays.  The Club greatly appreciates help in this area and any player who turns 13 years or over in the year of play is eligible to become an umpire for the Club.  Special consideration may be made for some 12 year olds who apply. Lessons covering both theory and practical work will be held prior to the season and all new umpires are allocated a ‘buddy’ to assist them.



NetSetGo (6-8 years) games are umpired by a parent/guardian volunteer from that team.  This is usually done on a roster system.


Net-Set-Go (9-10 years) are played at Canoon Road and are umpired by KNA allocated umpires.


Netball (Winter Day Competition)

Netball players in Year 7,  turning 13 in 2023 and upwards, are able to become an umpire.

Wahroonga Netball Club have a friendly and supportive team of umpires who provide regular and individual mentoring and support to all levels.

New umpires are generally allocated to the first two timeslots whilst more experienced umpires are allocated to later games. Please note: preferred umpiring times are not guaranteed but every effort is made to accommodate preferences.  All Mid District (Mid D) umpires and above are expected to buddy at least one lower badged umpire every week. If you buddy for a whole time slot, you are eligible to be paid half your normal rate.


If you have any problems with the form or any questions, please contact our Umpires Coordinator at No payment is required to be an umpire as the Club will pay the Netball NSW membership fee on your behalf.


All who umpire graded teams (i.e., 9 years and up) are paid by the Club in accordance with their badge level.  Payment is given by bank transfer at the end of the season.  Applicable rates are listed below. 


Umpires are expected to wear the club umpiring top or a KNA/Netball NSW umpiring top. If you do not have this, please contact the umpiring coordinator. Umpires who are badges MD and above are also expected to wear a white skirt which can be arranged by the coordinator.

Anyone wishing to umpire in the 2023 season will need to complete the registration form below.

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