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Every team from Net Set Go to Cadets will be allocated a coach that will facilitate a weekly training session and organise the team for Saturday games. The primary role of the coach is to ensure that all players within the team have a safe and fun environment where they can improve their netball skills.


Coaching positions within the club are voluntary; therefore the club strongly encourages parents to take on the role for their child’s team. It is recommended that coaches have a sound knowledge and understanding of netball but if you do not currently have this knowledge or would like to develop it further please still apply if interested as there will be a range of learning opportunities throughout the season. Please consider taking on this rewarding role for your child's team in the 2024 season.


The club also strongly encourages nominations from players aged 14-18 years who would like to develop their skills within the coaching sphere. It is recommending that players within this age group coach in pairs or as an assistant but they are also welcome to coach individually. Players wanting to coach will be supported throughout the season by their respective coaching convenor and will be required to attend a coaching information session.


For Opens the role of coach is filled by a player within the team. 

The Wahroonga Netball Club in 2024 will be offering a range of support avenues for all our coaches throughout the season including in-house coaching seminars and coaching manuals. There is also  an enormous amount of resource material available on the Coaching section of the KNA website as well as many coaching courses throughout the year. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our coaching convenor Charlotte Cuda on 

Wahroonga Netball Coaching Policy: 

This policy outlines the role of the coach, how each applicant is allocated to a team and the role the club has within the coaching process. 

The Role of a Coach is to:
1. Create a safe, fair and inclusive playing and training environment. 
2. Facilitate a quality experience for all participants. 
3. Create a diverse and educational training experience.  
4. Give quality and constructive feedback to players. 
5. Communicate effectively to players, manager, parents and other coaches/club executives. 
Delivered Through:
1. Coordinating effective training sessions for the team each week. 
2. Creating meaningful relationships with each player.  
3. Managing player rotations each week. 
4. Ensuring each player has a fair amount of court play over the course of the season, where practicable. 
5. Ensuring players play at least two different positions each game, where practicable. 


Policy Directives: 
1. Coaches are allocated teams based on their experience, qualifications, skill set and need of players in the team (discretion is placed on the committee for allocations). 
2. Coaches can only coach the same team (4 or more players) for no more than three consecutive years. 
3. Junior coaches (16 & Under) asking to coach with another junior coach will be assessed to see if they are capable of coaching on their own or will be allocated as an assistant coach if suitable.  
5. Coaches will be paid in accordance with their coaching experience and funds at the end of the season will be distributed equally between the coaches allocated to each team.

Club Responsibilities: 
1. Create a safe environment for coaches to operate in. 
2. Provide support to coaches during the season including mentoring, training and dispute resolution. 
3. Support coaches completing coaching as a volunteer activity i.e Duke of Edinburgh Award


This policy has been endorsed by the Wahroonga Netball Club Committee. The policy will be in place until it is deemed unfit for the club's purpose.

Any questions or disputes in relation to the policy please direct them to the Wahroonga Netball Club President and Vice President. 

Coaching Payment Policy:


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